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  • A New York Times bestselling novel of desire, secrecy, and sexual identity, In One Person is a story of unfulfilled love?tormented, funny, and affecting?and...

    Publisher : Simon & Schuster
    published : 2012
  • Penguin Classics e-books give you the best possible editions of Charles Dickens's novels, including all the original illustrations, useful and informative...

    Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd
    published : 2007
  • One single act of kindness becomes an endless reign of terror. . . Tom Bryce did what any decent person would do. But within hours of picking up...

    Publisher : Pan Macmillan
    published : 2008
  • Since 1990, when Robert Jordan's The Wheel of TimeĀ® burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the World, readers have been anticipating the...

    Publisher : Tom Doherty Associates
    published : 2013
  • When Detective Isaac Bell's mentor is shot, the turn-of-the-century investigator traces the attack from a booze-smuggling operation back to a team of...

    Publisher : Penguin Publishing Group
    published : 2014
  • Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, a boy is hard-pressed to survive until the Beaver clan teaches him their...

    Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    published : 1983
  • The explosive fourth novel in James S.A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series. Now a major television series on Syfy! ENTER A...

    Publisher : Orbit
    published : 2014
  • Harper Lee's Pulitzer prize-winning masterwork of honor and injustice in the deep south?and the heroism of one man in the face of blind and violent hatred,...

    Publisher : HarperCollins
    published : 2014
  • A headline-making finance scandal and a breathtaking tale of deception collide in #1 New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark?s finest thriller...

    Publisher : Simon & Schuster
    published : 2015
  • The fifth novel in James S.A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series. Now a major television series on Syfy! A thousand worlds have...

    Publisher : Orbit
    published : 2015
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