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Sellar Region

  • This is a practical directory of over 80 essential oils, covering many unusual oils as well as those that are in popular use. The oils are extensively categorised, with each entry offering valuable information at a glance. Helpful descriptions are given of the oils' aromas, their chemical constituents and their effects on the mind and body. Fascinating...

    Publisher : Ebury Publishing
    published : 2011
  • Kat is moving out of the London flat she shares with ex-boyfriend, Ben. Helping her are best friend, Thea, and new man in her life, Josh. Ben (who's not even meant to be there) is hurt and angry, and still in love with Kat. But is it now too late to tell her...?

    Publisher : OBERON BOOKS Ltd
    published : 2008
  • The story of frankincense and myrrh runs in tandem with man's evolution. Their use in so many varied ways has accompanied man and woman through the uncertain and often stormy path of life. Once prized as highly as gold, frankincense and myrrh's use in perfumery suggested an exclusivity as do the celebrated perfumes of today. But they offered much...

    Publisher : Ebury Publishing
    published : 2012
  • This is a detailed, illustrated and up-to-date study of the fauna, flora, landscapes, coastal areas and seascapes of the entire Mediterranean Basin, and the Sea itself. Since the publication of the first edition in 1999, the field has advanced in significant ways and this revision is timely.

    Publisher : OUP Oxford
    published : 2010
  • The aim of this book is to present a much-needed conceptualization of `the learning region'. The editors scrutinize key concepts and issues surrounding this phenomenon, which are then discussed in the context of recent literature. This unique conceptualization of the learning region presents a state-of-the-art exploration of theories. Leading scholars...

    Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
    published : 2007
  • Rethinking the Region argues that regions are not simply bounded spaces on a map. This book uses unique research of England during the 1980s to show how regions are made and unmade by social processes. The book examines how new lines of division both social and geographical were laid down as free-market growth and reconstructed this are as a `neo-liberal'...

    Publisher : Taylor and Francis
    published : 2012
  • This book launches a strategy for sustainable development, starting from a socio-ecological position and developing a model for a socially and culturally supportive community, or 'Life Region'. Special emphasis is placed on the situation of the provincial and peripheral regions of Europe and the world, and the introduction of self-reliant civic strategies...

    Publisher : Taylor and Francis
    published : 2005
  • This masterpiece of medieval historical literature constitutes the first account of English history. Written in 731 AD by a Northumbrian monk, it chronicles the growth of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. The Venerable Bede's account starts with the Roman invasion led by Julius Caesar in 55-54 BC and extends to the date of its completion. It profiles...

    Publisher : Dover Publications
    published : 2012
  • The Central American economic integration process, which dates back to the 1950s, entered a new era in 2001 with the launching of the Puebla Panama Plan. This plan helped shift the focus to the greater ?Mesoamerican region? (MAR), which includes the seven Central American countries plus the nine southeastern states of Mexico. In this context, the OECD...

    Publisher : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    published : 2006
  • After two centuries of nation-building, the world has entered an era of region-building in search of political stability, cultural cohesion, and socio-economic development. Nations involved in the regional structures and integration schemes that are emerging in most regions of the world are deepening their ambitions, with Europe's integration experience...

    Publisher : Berghahn Books
    published : 2010