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New Arabian Nights

  • Considered by many to contain pioneering works of English writing, Robert Louis Stevenson's New Arabian Nights collects together his short stories that were originally published in periodicals between 1877 and 1880. Holding some of Stevenson's first works of fiction to be published, some of these stories are thought by critics to be his best.

    Publisher : The Floating Press
    published : 2009
  • New Arabian Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1882, is a collection of short stories previously published in magazines between 1877 and 1880. The collection contains Stevenson''s first published fiction, and a few of the stories are considered by some critics to be his best work, as well as pioneering works in the English...

    Publisher :
    published : 2008
  • More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter (1885) is a collection of short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Vandegrift. Contents Prologue of The Cigar Divan. Challoner''s Adventure: The Squire of Dames. Story of The Destroying Angel. The Squire of Dames (Concluded). Somerset''s Adventure: The Superfluous Mansion. Narrative of...

    Publisher :
    published : 2008
  • Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, this comparative study of a selection of The Arabian Nights stories in a cross-cultural context, brings together a number of disciplines and subject areas to examine the workings of narrative. It predominantly focuses on the ways in which the Arabian Nights have transformed as its stories have travelled...

    Publisher : Taylor and Francis
    published : 2014
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