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A Stranger In A Strange Land

  • The Hugo Award-winning and controversial science fiction masterpiece from Robert A. Heinlein, the New York Times bestselling author of Starship Troopers . Valentine Michael Smith is a man raised by Martians. Sent to Earth, he must learn what it is to be human. But his beliefs and his powers far exceed the limits of man, and his arrival leads...

    Publisher : Penguin Publishing Group
    published : 1987
  • Taking his lead from his subject, Gershom Scholem?the 20th century thinker who cracked open Jewish theology and history with a radical reading of Kabbalah?Prochnik combines biography and memoir to counter our contemporary political crisis with an original and urgent reimagining of the future of Israel. In Stranger in a Strange Land , Prochnik ...

    Publisher : Other Press
    published : 2017
  • RUNNER-UP OF THE 2017 BODLEY HEAD & FINANCIAL TIMES ESSAY PRIZE In this sharp, witty essay, written from inside the Indian banking system, we witness the absurdities and mundanities of corruption and bureaucracy, set against a backdrop of modern urban India. In a personal battle with his moustachioed boss, Mukherjee illuminates a Kafkaesque system...

    Publisher : Random House
    published : 2017
  • ABOUT THE BOOK I believe it was Arthur C. Clarke who once said that science fiction rarely tries to predict the future, but rather tries to prevent it. In many ways, he?s absolutely right. The purpose of great science fiction isn?t to show us what our future will be, but to help us reflect, question and ultimately transcend the limitations of our...

    Publisher : Hyperink
    published : 2012
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