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A Century Of Dishonor

  • First published in 1881, Helen Hunt Jackson's A Century of Dishonor is a classic account of the U.S. government's flawed Indian policy and the unfair and cruel treatment afforded North American Indians by expansionist Americans. Jackson wrote the book as a polemic to 'appeal to the hearts and conscience of the American people', who she hoped would...

    Publisher : Digital Scanning, Inc.
    published : 2001
  • This volume documents a succession of broken treaties, forced removal of tribes from choice lands, and other examples of inhuman treatment visited upon the Delaware, Cheyenne, and other tribes.

    Publisher : Dover Publications
    published : 2012
  • Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885) was an American writer who most widely became famous as an activist to improve United States government treatment of Native Americans. In 1879 her interests turned to the Native Americans after hearing a lecture in Boston by Standing Bear, the Ponca Chief. He described the forceful removal of the Ponca from their reservation...

    Publisher : Publishing
    published : 2012
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